Triathlon Woman (Who me??)


Image and copyright by Rodney Campbell:

Well “Triathlon Woman” is hardly a moniker I’d use to describe myself. But today – maybe, just maybe … it’ll work.

On the other hand, “walkin’ fool” might be a good description as well.

This morning the weather was actually balmy. Now, that’s pretty sad when you get excited about 15 degrees above zero, but I was happy to hear that forecast. I could definitely subtract a layer or two of clothing and shuck the heavy mitts before I ventured outside for a walk.

The agenda was to be a return visit to Memorial Park, toting along some bread tidbits for the birds as I promised yesterday (and being a woman of my word, I would not let them down), then perhaps a lap or two in the snowy park, and return home.

But after two laps, I was enjoying my walk in the cold, but tolerable temperature, and decided to make an impromptu visit to Council Point Park. Perhaps I should have thought about that decision a little more, since I was wearing boots, which were comfortable enough, but not like my walking shoes which feel like slippers.

But, when I arrived at the Park, I discovered a portion of the parking lot had been plowed, but not the walking path. Grrrrrrrrr. I persevered anyway, though there was at least 3-4 inches of snow on the path, which made walking a little more difficult … it was really more like marching.

I still had a half-bag of peanuts stuffed in my coat pocket from the last visit there, so I hoped the squirrels were okay if I doled out their portion of peanuts sparingly. But it turned out, I needn’t have worried, as they were not around; I didn’t even see them peering out of their nests high up in the trees.

There was only one person at the Park this morning – Todd, who runs there every weekend, and has done so for nearly 15 years. Some of the walkers refer to him as “Rocky” as he perpetually dons a wool hat that is pulled way down over his ears. Besides that hat, he wears multiple layers of clothing – shorts over pants, tee shirts over long-sleeved sweatshirts … though admittedly he doesn’t have Sly Stallone’s eyes, nor does he bellow “Adrian” all the time.

We saluted one another as we crossed paths and I called out “Happy New Year” and he reciprocated and added “be careful – it’s kind of choppy out here”, a fact I soon found out. There might have been one other walker earlier today, judging from the fresh prints in the snow on the path … a man, or a woman with very large feet, who was walking a dog with very small feet judging from the foot and paw prints.

As I walked along the edge of the Ecorse Creek I noticed it was frozen solid, and snow had drifted and piled up in some spots where the narrow body of water twists and turns along the perimeter of the Park. At the concrete precipice which juts out over a storm drain, which I often refer to as “Duck Landing”, I moseyed down the embankment to see if any of the mallard ducks were huddled together underneath for warmth, but there were none. I wonder where they have sought refuge this past brutally cold week?

Despite the build-up of snow, I persisted on that Park path for one whole trip, lamenting that the City, which had special trucks with brushes to clear the path, no longer does so. Unfortunately, our City is now in financial straits, so that nicety is gone … for the short term anyway.

I wish I’d brought along my camera since I still need one Winter snow scape shot at the beginning of the Park path and I will be able to create a collage of all four seasons at that location. Maybe next time … I only dashed down to the Park on a whim today.

Thrilled by my long walk, I shut the door and shed my coat posthaste as the furnace was blasting. I glanced at my pedometer and was surprised to see I had logged in a smidge over 5 miles.

The walking miles spurred me to hop onto the bike where I did two miles while pedaling furiously.

So … what was the third event in Triathlon Woman’s exercise regimen today you ask?

Well, it was vacuuming – not too exciting, but it yielded more steps. And … besides, I didn’t want to break the very last resolution I had made … to take better care of the house in 2015.

I’ve already blown the rest of my New Year’s resolutions.

When I was initially perusing the portfolio of photographer Rodney Campbell, I came across his photo of this Great Horned Owl. I just loved the quizzical look it was wearing. Perhaps it is a scowl? I’m not sure, but I kept that picture tucked in the back of my mind and decided to use it today to accompany this post – “Who me??”.

About lindasschaub

This is my first blog and I enjoy writing each and every post immensely. I started a walking regimen in 2011 and decided to create a blog as a means of memorializing the people, places and things I see on my daily walks. I have always enjoyed people watching, and so my blog is peppered with folks I meet, or reflections of characters I have known through the years. Often something piques my interest, or evokes a pleasant memory from my memory bank, and this becomes a “slice o’ life” blog post that day. I respect and appreciate nature and my interaction with Mother Nature’s gifts is also a common theme. Sometimes the most-ordinary items become fodder for points to ponder over and touch upon. My career has been in the legal field and I have been a legal secretary for over three decades, primarily working in downtown Detroit, and now working from my home. I graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in print journalism in 1978, although I’ve never worked in that field. I like to think this blog is the writer in me finally emerging!! Walking and writing have met and shaken hands and the creative juices are flowing once again in Walkin’, Writin’, Wit & Whimsy – hope you think so too.
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2 Responses to Triathlon Woman (Who me??)

  1. Marge Aubin says:

    I am glad you got to go again for your walk. It’s been so cold that I haven’t seen any of my pals around. You only have 495 more miles to go ( more or less). I know you will do more. Love the owl.


  2. lindasschaub says:

    You’re right – actually had a couple of miles last week as well – need to start a new log for 2015 – haven’t done it yet. I will shoot for 500 miles as you say … after tonight’s snow (and I won’t walk tomorrow a.m.) we have a couple of days in the deep freeze again, then better starting Thursday no snow and warmer (if you could call today “warm”).


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