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It was serendipity.

A week ago today I visited with an old friend. While it is certainly not unusual to reconnect with seemingly long-lost friends on social media, or by happenstance, I must state that this telephone encounter was with a friend with … Continue reading

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As Summer slips away, flowers fade …

It’s funny how one little item might trigger a special memory sometimes … a person, place or thing that you’ve not thought of in many years. First it was that old willow tree that was damaged in one of Mother … Continue reading

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It’s Grandparents Day!

Well, this post has not even a whit about walking, or nature, but once a year I do honor this Hallmark-type holiday known as “National Grandparents Day” in spirit only, since my last grandparent passed away in 1986. That would … Continue reading

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It’s lovely weather for …

… Ducks! The past week’s weather here in Southeast Michigan has been anything but ducky … it’s been wacky and wet. The weather is akin to Baskin Robbins’ ice cream flavor of the month, as lately it seems like Mother … Continue reading

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Growing up to be a Canada Goose.

(It’s a work in progress and certainly not the Mother Goose story you grew up with.) Mama and Papa Goose swim … the goslings swim. Mama and Papa Goose graze … the goslings graze too. But, what happens when Mama … Continue reading

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Spring Bouquet! #Wordless Wednesday. #Be nice – no dandelions and violets for Mom!

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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It’s Earth Day 2020.

At the present time, there’s something else we humans all have in common – no, it’s not the fact that we are immersed in this pandemic. Sandwiched in between all the bad news these days, you might just find “Earth … Continue reading

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Nope, not just a fish tale.

Originally posted on WALKIN', WRITIN', WIT & WHIMSY:
It is the Lenten season; it is Friday … and for sure we need a diversion, so I am offering up this catch-of-the-day fish tale for my post-of-the-day. This trek actually happened…

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Trading poses for peanuts.

What the heck happened here the last few days? The weather has been abysmal and that is being kind! There have been records smashed and lots of tidbits to talk about regarding the Veterans Day snow event and now the … Continue reading

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1906 – it was a very good year.

After yesterday’s trek with a country twist, today’s offering promises something out of the ordinary.  For me anyway.  Not a hint of nature, unless you want to count some shots of the Detroit River.  I didn’t even see a seagull … Continue reading

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