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1906 – it was a very good year.

After yesterday’s trek with a country twist, today’s offering promises something out of the ordinary.  For me anyway.  Not a hint of nature, unless you want to count some shots of the Detroit River.  I didn’t even see a seagull … Continue reading

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Purposeful strides.

Look at this Canada Goose go!  You’d think he had a walking goal with all those purposeful goose steps he’s taking.  He was pretty funny to watch while he was stomping along and it reminded me of being a kid … Continue reading

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Aloof – #Wordless Wednesday

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Catch a tiger by the tail …

Summer is flitting on by and I believe I have spent this entire season trying to “catch a tiger by the tail” as that expression goes.  I feel like I’ve flitted from one work project or house disaster to another, … Continue reading

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Meh day, Mayday!

In lieu of two more mass shootings, I feel I want to lighten the mood that you and I are feeling this morning, so this little tale is being shared.  I’ll write a longer narrative with way more pictures, because … Continue reading

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Morning Munch.

We all enjoy our morning meal in different ways – some like a healthy breakfast, still others grab a cuppa Joe and nosh on a donut. Some of us prefer leaves. I saw this groundhog Friday morning. He was so … Continue reading

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Beauty is fleeting …

… or perhaps I should say flitting, as in flitting by.  That is the case with butterflies anyway.  We have to seize the opportunity to enjoy their presence, as we really only have a few short months every year to … Continue reading

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