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Nuttin’ Honeys.

My furry, peanut-eating pals at the Park have muddy paws these days. That’s because they have been digging holes fast and furiously to bury their peanuts ever since we experienced a chilly spell that lasted about ten days the tail … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity.

It is no secret that one of the great joys I reap from my walks at Council Point Park is interacting with my furry friends. Sure I enjoy going to the larger parks on the weekends, but they are often … Continue reading

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So, what’s YOUR guilty food pleasure?

It’s Labor Day … and our collective mindset is that it is the end of Summer, even if hot and sticky days persist long into October. A week of September has already passed – sigh. Leaves have begun subtly turning … Continue reading

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We are splooting! #Wordless Wednesday #The heat makes us squirrelly!

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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Meet and greet with Parker.

It’s been forever and a day since I devoted an entire blog post to my favorite Park munchkin, a/k/a Parker. A week ago Saturday, I drove to the Park, pulled into my usual spot and as soon as I opened … Continue reading

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Um, where’s the salsa or guac for these chips?

It was Sunday, March 15th when I made this trek to Elizabeth Park, then bopped across the Grosse Ile Free Bridge to spend the afternoon at the alpaca farm and the airport. You can read about that adventure here if … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity.

The weather has been wonky – it goes right along with everything else these days. When industry, construction and office-type jobs suddenly shut down in mid-March, we were having some mild weather … mild for Michigan anyway. All of a … Continue reading

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The Great Easter Cookie Caper.

This post is about two incidents this week, in what I’ll term “The Great Easter Cookie Caper” and I hope you get a giggle or two out of it, simply because laughs are not in abundance these days. So it’s … Continue reading

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Sometimes Winter is just (s)no(w) fun …

… until Linda shows up with peanuts. The weather forecasters were correct this time – Ol’ Man Winter made a return visit, stopping by just long enough to whiten the landscape and put down a layer of ice that made … Continue reading

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(Fat) Tuesday Musings.

Winter will return after a few days of playing hide-and-go-seek. We basked in four days of sunshine – did you know that here in Michigan we had not enjoyed four days in a row of sunshine since July 2019? Yep, … Continue reading

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