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Will the real Summer please stand up, ‘cuz who is this imposter?

Well, the storm blew through here, just seconds after I published yesterday’s post.  I shut off the computer and pulled its plug.  It was the fourth storm with severe potential in two days, and I am sure I was not … Continue reading

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Made in the shade.

I remember hearing this expression when I was a youngster – my parents would say “oh ya, they’re doin’ great – they’ve got it made in the shade now.”  I’ll bet it was an expression that a beatnik like Maynard … Continue reading

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Beauty is fleeting …

… or perhaps I should say flitting, as in flitting by.  That is the case with butterflies anyway.  We have to seize the opportunity to enjoy their presence, as we really only have a few short months every year to … Continue reading

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Beach bums and bare bums,

er … BEAR bums (that pesky autocorrect)!! I know that title made you take a second look though, didn’t it? It’s another sultry and sizzling day here in Southeast Michigan.  It got to 90 degrees F (32 C).  It was … Continue reading

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When we were kids, we used this expression on hot days:  “Mom:  we’re T.P.T.P.!!!”  What is “T.P.T.P.” you ask?  Why it means “too pooped to participate!” Yes, it has been the long-awaited  holiday weekend and by mid-week the doomsayers (a/k/a … Continue reading

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I’m back, but …

… they’re gone! The geese that is. More about them later. After an angst-ridden ten days, give or take a day or two, I think I’m fairly caught up here on WordPress and other social media, and things are back … Continue reading

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All sunny days are NOT golden.

There is an expression that goes like this:  “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”  Here is the origin of that saying: Though I am mindful that severe weather has plagued so many parts of the U.S. lately, … Continue reading

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