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Always have a Plan B!

Fall sure was fleeting; in fact it seems that if you blinked you missed it, thanks to a bully named Winter that intruded mightily. It seems like just yesterday I was melting away in the hot and humid temps … … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity.

After a wacky week of weather, today everyone collectively cheers “TGIF!” I am sure the drivers who dealt with three or four white-knuckled and treacherous commutes, in as many days, are glad to just stay hunkered down at home for … Continue reading

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Trading poses for peanuts.

What the heck happened here the last few days? The weather has been abysmal and that is being kind! There have been records smashed and lots of tidbits to talk about regarding the Veterans Day snow event and now the … Continue reading

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Mother Nature shakes things up!

Someone trounced on Mother Nature’s toes … big time! You know who you are, so please apologize. We cannot blame this snow event on Old Man Winter, because, as you know, Winter does not arrive for another 40 days … … Continue reading

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“When the Frost is on the Punkin” * …

… it’s usually just frost and not snow! Well, they warned us the snow was coming overnight, or in the early morning, and this time the weather folks got it right! Yesterday’s snow event lasted about 15 minutes, with flakes … Continue reading

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Bye bye birdies … (and Fall too it seems).

I’m glad I took this little jaunt to Heritage Park to view the Fall foliage the weekend before last. I knew waiting until “peak color week” in early November wasn’t going to fly because of the predictions for incessant rain … Continue reading

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Making mischief – Part 2.

The sign in front of the house read “Welcome Little Monsters” and seeing this sign gave me a chuckle because, just down the street, a squirrel was wreaking havoc with a harvest display – boy, would those homeowners be mad … Continue reading

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Boat Trip!

Last year I took a two-hour riverboat trip on the E.V. Clinton out of Lake Erie Metropark.  It was a “discovery cruise” designed to combine a boat trip with a learning experience and was entitled “Eagle’s Eye Nature Cruise” and I … Continue reading

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Discoveries …

Today is not only Canadian Thanksgiving, but it is also Columbus Day. When I used to work downtown, it was a day that the bus was empty and you could sit anywhere you chose to, as so many regular bus … Continue reading

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky.

Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky … those *&^# spiderwebs that cross my path every morning! Yep, nothing rivals stepping right into those gossamer spiderwebs that have been spun between trees or bushes overnight. Due to the angle of … Continue reading

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