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The Weeping Willow.

We’ve had a very hot Summer here in Southeast Michigan. I could wow you with lots of stats, but I’ll keep it simple … we have had three times as many hot, (as in over 90F/32C), days this year. I … Continue reading

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Sentiments about Scents and Centsibilities.

If you had a dollar for every social media meme you’ve seen since this global pandemic began, you could buy yourself a very nice present. First, it was the toilet paper conundrum, followed by social distancing. Soon the meme themes … Continue reading

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You’ve come a long way baby!

In 2019 our country celebrated the 50th anniversary of several historical and significant dates: the moon landing, the Woodstock Music and Art Festival and 50 years of being amused by the cast of characters from Sesame Street. We even looked … Continue reading

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Wayback Wednesday.

As you know, one of my favorite spots to walk is lovely Elizabeth Park and my last foray to this venue was December 28th, which was also the subject of my last post “Birdie Nirvana”. Not only is Elizabeth Park … Continue reading

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Birdie Nirvana

The memorial tree at Elizabeth Park where all the birdies hang out, beckons me to visit while bearing treats and toting along my camera. I’m drawn to it like a magnet. You will recall I had an earlier visit to … Continue reading

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Just zipping off a note to say …

“It’s time to wish you Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah.” This is a short and sweet post … even a bit bittersweet. Everyone has their Christmas traditions and I’ve had a few through the years … just like you. Christmas … Continue reading

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Will the real Summer please stand up, ‘cuz who is this imposter?

Well, the storm blew through here, just seconds after I published yesterday’s post.  I shut off the computer and pulled its plug.  It was the fourth storm with severe potential in two days, and I am sure I was not … Continue reading

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Mom -n- Me.

Sweet memories. It has been ten long years since I threw my arms around Mom on Mother’s Day and gave her a hug and a kiss, then thanked her for being my mom, but, truth be told, I didn’t only … Continue reading

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It takes a village …

Over the years I’ve shared several stories about my work life … like my first real job, slinging hash at Carters Hamburgers, the small diner where I worked throughout my college years.  How I loved that place and everyone associated … Continue reading

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