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A lifelong love of lavender.

It is said that our sense of smell is linked closely to memory, thus certain smells can whisk us back to earlier periods of time in a heartbeat. The smell of lavender is ingrained in my memory and this is … Continue reading

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Time flies …

It simply CANNOT be sixty years ago today that I began kindergarten at E.A. Orr Elementary School. Yes … it was on September 5, 1961. I will tell you that for several years before beginning school, every afternoon Mom and … Continue reading

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Stuck like glue.

This sweet Mama Mallard and her fuzzy duckling, (which I’d like to think are a mother/daughter combo), were paddling around Coan Lake at Heritage Park on a visit I made there last Spring. When I saw these up-close shots on … Continue reading

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Please indulge me as I reminisce about Christmas past.

It seems like the holiday season is the perfect time for reflections, especially in 2020, which will likely go down in history as the year with an asterisk. Social media lit up like a Christmas tree back in October when … Continue reading

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It was serendipity.

A week ago today I visited with an old friend. While it is certainly not unusual to reconnect with seemingly long-lost friends on social media, or by happenstance, I must state that this telephone encounter was with a friend with … Continue reading

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As Summer slips away, flowers fade …

It’s funny how one little item might trigger a special memory sometimes … a person, place or thing that you’ve not thought of in many years. First it was that old willow tree that was damaged in one of Mother … Continue reading

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It’s Grandparents Day!

Well, this post has not even a whit about walking, or nature, but once a year I do honor this Hallmark-type holiday known as “National Grandparents Day” in spirit only, since my last grandparent passed away in 1986. That would … Continue reading

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The Weeping Willow.

We’ve had a very hot Summer here in Southeast Michigan. I could wow you with lots of stats, but I’ll keep it simple … we have had three times as many hot, (as in over 90F/32C), days this year. I … Continue reading

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Sentiments about Scents and Centsibilities.

If you had a dollar for every social media meme you’ve seen since this global pandemic began, you could buy yourself a very nice present. First, it was the toilet paper conundrum, followed by social distancing. Soon the meme themes … Continue reading

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You’ve come a long way baby!

In 2019 our country celebrated the 50th anniversary of several historical and significant dates: the moon landing, the Woodstock Music and Art Festival and 50 years of being amused by the cast of characters from Sesame Street. We even looked … Continue reading

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