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Hi everyone. I just want to say …

[Don’t be squirrelly … make sure you see my message which continues below] Click here please

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Strolling through the boneyard.

While roaming ‘round the ‘hood lately, I noted the themes for Halloween range from ghostly to ghastly. Each year there is one homeowner on Emmons Boulevard that devotes the entire front lawn to recreating a ghastly graveyard, complete with wacky … Continue reading

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Zombies on a Zoom call. #Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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A “fangtastic” Halloween?

Hardly! It sure isn’t “fangtastic” weather-wise today … in fact, it is about as ugly as it gets out there. We’re in the midst of a 36-hour rain and gusty wind event. Ugh. No … make that double ugh! I … Continue reading

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Making mischief – Part 2.

The sign in front of the house read “Welcome Little Monsters” and seeing this sign gave me a chuckle because, just down the street, a squirrel was wreaking havoc with a harvest display – boy, would those homeowners be mad … Continue reading

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Monster Mash-up.

We sling around a lot of lingo on social media … memes, mash-ups, gifs and even emoticons.  It wasn’t all that long ago that we got pretty excited when tapping the keys for a colon and right parentheses would yield … Continue reading

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Heritage Park, Harvest and Halloween.

I know what you’re thinking … Linda planned her day just so she could use alliteration in her headline. Nope, if I was to pick a headline, a better one would be to borrow Gordon Lightfoot’s lyrics “the gales of … Continue reading

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