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Monarchs are in Mexico sipping margaritas ‘til March.  #Wordless Wednesday  #Monarch Butterfly sipping nectar at the Goodwill Garden at Heritage Park.

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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Tattered and torn = tenacity.

Of course we humans have had it tough this year, even if we have been blessed and our loved ones and ourselves have remained healthy and unscathed by COVID-19. This beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly pictured above apparently has not … Continue reading

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The calendar says it’s Autumn …

… but you could have fooled me, as we’ve had a very warm weather week and temps will climb to 80 F (26 C) today! Last Saturday, on the last weekend of Summer, I added two layers of clothing and … Continue reading

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Smiling faces and wide-open spaces.

Everything was going great, and then there was that proverbial fork in the road. Decisions, decisions … I’m horrible at decisions, especially when I glimpse two vehicles behind me in my rearview mirror and their drivers are honking.  Patience is … Continue reading

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Beauty is fleeting …

… or perhaps I should say flitting, as in flitting by.  That is the case with butterflies anyway.  We have to seize the opportunity to enjoy their presence, as we really only have a few short months every year to … Continue reading

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An Easter Sunday to Savor.

Finally, after eight days of rain, Easter Sunday dawned, just as it should, with bright sunshine.  I was chomping at the bit to bop down the bunny trail at my favorite Park. But first, treats awaited me … Before I … Continue reading

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Trail mix.

I really look forward to my weekend excursions, when I can expand my horizons to explore a little more, take extra pictures, and I don’t have to be watching the clock to be back home for work.  So, yesterday I … Continue reading

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What would we do without blooms and butterflies?

I hope we will never be without flowers or butterflies, though I will tell you that this Summer has been devoid of these delicate creatures hovering and flitting about.  I’ve seen a couple of Cabbage Whites and that is all.  … Continue reading

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Get while the gettin’s good!

  Walking needs to be efficient these days.  There’s no time for lollygagging or enjoying a leisurely Sunday stroll because, if it hasn’t rained recently, just wait a few minutes as showers or storms are sure to be on the … Continue reading

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