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And just like that …

… (snapping fingers), the unofficial end of Summer has arrived. Does it seem like we just heralded the gateway to Summer on Memorial Day weekend, or are you just done with Summer? MOST people around the world griped about the … Continue reading

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So, what’s the buzz around Council Point Park these days?

Summer is zipping by much too quickly – I can’t believe August is nearly over! Wednesday I celebrated my 1,500th post since I began blogging on February 11, 2013. That is a lot of words I’ve written! Many of those … Continue reading

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Tiny Treasures.

We’re about to embark on Autumn and I’m happy to do so, since I’ve grown weary of Mother Nature’s continuous tweaks of this Summer season, not to mention all her weather boo-boos for 2019 if you want to be picky.  … Continue reading

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The wasps are giddy!

After Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer, it seems we just morph into the harvest and Halloween season and go with the flow.  Mums have replaced weather-beaten petunias in porch pots and I’ve already seen the first Halloween décor … Continue reading

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Morning Munch.

We all enjoy our morning meal in different ways – some like a healthy breakfast, still others grab a cuppa Joe and nosh on a donut. Some of us prefer leaves. I saw this groundhog Friday morning. He was so … Continue reading

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Simple joys.

Happiness is a place between too much and too little. ~ Chanwit Whanset I saw this quotation today and decided I was going to incorporate it into this long-overdue post.  I took these pictures of this sweet black squirrel several … Continue reading

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Will the real Summer please stand up, ‘cuz who is this imposter?

Well, the storm blew through here, just seconds after I published yesterday’s post.  I shut off the computer and pulled its plug.  It was the fourth storm with severe potential in two days, and I am sure I was not … Continue reading

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Made in the shade.

I remember hearing this expression when I was a youngster – my parents would say “oh ya, they’re doin’ great – they’ve got it made in the shade now.”  I’ll bet it was an expression that a beatnik like Maynard … Continue reading

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When we were kids, we used this expression on hot days:  “Mom:  we’re T.P.T.P.!!!”  What is “T.P.T.P.” you ask?  Why it means “too pooped to participate!” Yes, it has been the long-awaited  holiday weekend and by mid-week the doomsayers (a/k/a … Continue reading

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I’m back, but …

… they’re gone! The geese that is. More about them later. After an angst-ridden ten days, give or take a day or two, I think I’m fairly caught up here on WordPress and other social media, and things are back … Continue reading

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