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Cottontail and Cotton-y trail.

It’s THAT time of year in Michigan. The Poplar trees, a/k/a Cottonwood trees, are at it again, dispensing wisps of white fluffy stuff all around the neighborhood. Just like clockwork, every Spring, after pollination has taken place, the white and … Continue reading

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Will the real Summer please stand up, ‘cuz who is this imposter?

Well, the storm blew through here, just seconds after I published yesterday’s post.  I shut off the computer and pulled its plug.  It was the fourth storm with severe potential in two days, and I am sure I was not … Continue reading

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More miles and smiles.

So today was another 5K event for me.   This was the 4th Annual “Rails Rally” which registration fees support the Lincoln Park Schools Education Foundation.  This is the third year I registered for this event, but only the second time … Continue reading

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Warm fuzzies and flyin’ fuzzies.

The expression “warm fuzzies” is often used to describe a happy feeling.  Who doesn’t melt when they see a cute and cuddly image of puppies or kittens, or even the goslings while they were still in their cute-as-a-button phase? Speaking … Continue reading

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A hole in one …

… homeowner’s front lawn was scrutinized by your roving reporter a week or so ago.  Just like I followed the doin’s at the robin’s nest, I’ve been scoping out this cavernous hole every time I walk by.  Without trespassing on … Continue reading

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Fields of fuzz and a fur baby.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that thousands of dandelions infiltrated the grassy areas at Council Point Park.  At a glance, it resembled a golden carpet. And now those dandelions have gone to seed, much to the chagrin … Continue reading

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