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Gourds, guys and gals at the Gardens.

This post continues that delightful Autumn afternoon I spent ambling around Heritage Park. You’ll recall from my last two Monday posts, I visited this picturesque park on Sunday, October 16th because I wanted to ensure I would get some photos … Continue reading

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Shades of Autumn.

I will savor the spectacular Autumn we had here in Southeast Michigan for a very long time. When the Winter winds are howling, or I’m stepping gingerly on icy pavement, or slogging through the snow, or whacking down dagger-like icicles, … Continue reading

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Harvest time in the ‘hood and at your home.

On a picture-perfect Pure Michigan morning, I decided to forego my trip to the Park and stroll through the ‘hood capturing images of harvest décor to use for this American Thanksgiving post. While strollin’, I was trollin’ for scarecrows. The … Continue reading

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Gourds and Goranges.

See what I did there? In the interest of keeping the headline short and sweet and because I like alliteration, I combined the words “gold” and “orange” and “red” all which are colors that dominate Autumn. Outta my gourd. Over … Continue reading

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Bountiful harvest.

Sweets for the sweets (I’m included here too) … It is a time for sharing the love and the food, or, in this case, the apples. Another Fall ritual, just like the mini pumpkins, is that I dispense apples to … Continue reading

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Making mischief – Part 2.

The sign in front of the house read “Welcome Little Monsters” and seeing this sign gave me a chuckle because, just down the street, a squirrel was wreaking havoc with a harvest display – boy, would those homeowners be mad … Continue reading

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky.

Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky … those *&^# spiderwebs that cross my path every morning! Yep, nothing rivals stepping right into those gossamer spiderwebs that have been spun between trees or bushes overnight. Due to the angle of … Continue reading

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Heritage Park, Harvest and Halloween.

I know what you’re thinking … Linda planned her day just so she could use alliteration in her headline. Nope, if I was to pick a headline, a better one would be to borrow Gordon Lightfoot’s lyrics “the gales of … Continue reading

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