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Loosey goosies

This is part two of my trip to BASF Waterfront Park last Saturday. It’s a short and sweet post about the various families of Canada Geese I saw on my morning stroll. The geese and goslings were the highlight of … Continue reading

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Mama’s munchkins.

As Mother’s Day nears, I am always happy to discover at least one pair of Canada Geese and their brand-new goslings to spotlight for Mother’s Day weekend. I’ve generally been pretty lucky to get a few shots for that special … Continue reading

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Today’s the day to honor dear old Dad.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. ~ Proverb Well we honored our mothers, so it is only fair that we fête our fathers too. Since the first goslings arrived at Council Point Park in early May, … Continue reading

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Eat your peas!

About a week ago, I was down at Council Point Park one morning, and, while walking through the parking lot, a very large flock of Canada Geese were flying overhead.  Their honking, while in flight, was almost deafening.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Loosey goosies.

Thank goodness the month of May is in the rear view mirror, though June didn’t begin all that great either.  I had some computer issues at work Wednesday and Thursday thanks to Comcast (I was blacklisted at the work site … Continue reading

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Road trip!!

It’s the first long holiday weekend of 2019, and, while we are all mindful about the real reason for the Memorial Day holiday, we are also anticipating a little R&R as well. What are your plans? Are you sneaking out … Continue reading

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Steppin’ out at Heritage Park.

I had my ducks in a row Thursday morning when I left the house at 7:10 a.m.  My destination was Heritage Park because I was going duck hunting.  Oops … let me clarify that – I was going DUCKLING hunting … Continue reading

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