Who will draw first blood?


It was a chilling morning … well, perhaps chilly, would be the more-appropriate description for it. The brisk weather for the journey and a great collection of ghoulish and gory souls along the way … well, they just add to the Halloween mystique.

All that rain we had over the past two days left the leaves slick and plastered onto the sidewalks and grass. This time of year, the honey locust trees are especially bothersome, with their teeny, bright-yellow leaves and slimy-feeling stems, that cling to the soles of your shoes, making it slippery to walk.  We had a locust tree for years, and, all Fall I would have to sweep those tiny leaves and stringy-looking stems off the porch daily, especially on Halloween, so the trick-or-treaters wouldn’t slide walking up the porch steps, or slide off the porch into the garden.  Plus, the leaves and stems tracked into the house, no matter how careful you were.

At least there isn’t any frost yet, or, worse – black ice. But, that leaf-covered cement sure is “slickery”, so, in addition to watching for uneven pavement, you have to be careful you don’t wipe out on the leaves.

I figured today’s picture was perfect for the title of this post. I almost chose an ugly-looking vampire bat, with blood dripping from its mouth, but,  it was so scary looking, I changed my mind.

I am thinking about this famous football match-up tomorrow … the backyard brawl between Michigan State and Michigan, though MSU fans are a little down on their team these days after five straight losses. As I stroll around the neighborhoods, the Wolverine and even the Spartans flags are still proudly flying, and, I’ve even seen a few “House Divided” garden flags showing the big block “M” and the Spartans logo both displayed with a diagonal line separating them.  Oh well – at least it will be a beautiful day for this bloodbath.

Speaking of bloodbaths … this photo is a close-up of the “family”, a rather creepy display on Emmons Boulevard. There are two sides to every story, and, so it is with front porches as well.  In this display, the goriest and bloodiest left-hand side of the porch, I have left in the “Pictures” folder of my computer, though it was very creative and just perfect for Halloween.  (Hey, it scared me!)  Instead,  I chose this shot because it is colorful, and, likewise clever and imaginative.  Kudos to all the people who decorate for Halloween – it is a treat for everyone to see, not just the kids.

I must admit that Sci-fi has never been my cup of tea and I’ve never been a horror story fan – neither on the printed page or at the movies, though, I loved the T.V. shows “The Munsters”, “The Addams Family” and the thrills and chills of Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone” and “Night Gallery” back in the day. Whenever I see big decorative spiders clinging onto homes for Halloween, I am always reminded of that gargantuan spider in “Night Gallery’s” episode “A Fear of Spiders” … in fact, just before I wrote this post, I Googled to see if I could find the video – of course I did, and briefly immersed myself in the show, some 45 years after it originally aired.  Just like the first time, I immediately identified with Justice’s irrational fear of those pesky, eight-legged arachnids – even the smallest ones somehow seem threatening in my mind’s eye.  Maybe you suffer from arachnophobia too?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NONkacbHbcY

Enough bone-chilling thoughts and temps for now, because, tomorrow it is back to the 70s again, and, I know I will not hear a soul complaining, except maybe the boys suited up in their heavy pads and playing on the gridiron.

I added just a measly three miles to my total today – that sun is getting up too late for my taste, shaving off valuable steps in my morning trek.

About Linda Schaub

This is my first blog and I enjoy writing each and every post immensely. I started a walking regimen in 2011 and decided to create a blog as a means of memorializing the people, places and things I see on my daily walks. I have always enjoyed people watching, and so my blog is peppered with folks I meet, or reflections of characters I have known through the years. Often something piques my interest, or evokes a pleasant memory from my memory bank, so this becomes a “slice o’ life” blog post that day. I respect and appreciate nature and my interaction with Mother Nature’s gifts is also a common theme. Sometimes the most-ordinary items become fodder for points to ponder over and touch upon. My career has been in the legal field and I have been a legal secretary for four decades, primarily working in downtown Detroit, and now working from my home. I graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in print journalism in 1978, though I’ve never worked in that field. I like to think this blog is the writer in me finally emerging!! Walking and writing have met and shaken hands and the creative juices are flowing once again in Walkin’, Writin’, Wit & Whimsy – hope you think so too. - Linda Schaub
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3 Responses to Who will draw first blood?

  1. Majorie Aubin says:

    I do like that monster spider. Pumpkin pie but those pumpkins are treats for the squirrels. You have about 73 more days. You can do it.


    • lindasschaub says:

      Marge – I have some more pictures of huge spiders and was going to make a collage of them – unfortunately all the rainy mornings, cut some of my walks, and now can’t use half the pictures I took. I also have some cute pics of squirrels on the pumpkins to use in the future. I’ll be like the little engine – “I think I can, I think I can?”


  2. Ann Marie stevens says:

    Miss Linda……………………actually their hasn’t been a hard frost but there were a few times I had to use a window scraper on my car’s window early in the morning………………………..and I’ve been having to wait until at least the sky is bright enough to go walking outside safely…………………at least by 8 am………..sometimes that’s too late to get a walk in I agree with you


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