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What keeps me going is goals. –Muhammad Ali #Wordless Wednesday #Me too!

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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Marching on in March #Wordless Wednesday #February weather woes

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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Muddling through 2020.

Hmm – four days into the new year and just one walk taken. The squirrels are no doubt fitful, looking at one another and asking “is Linda coming back?” I am hopeful for a Park excursion this morning. We had … Continue reading

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Slip-Slidin’ Away.

Just like the Paul Simon song, the year is likewise slip-slidin’ away. Let it go – I’m in no hurry to keep it around, nor the decade either. I’m eager to start a new decade tomorrow. As I write this … Continue reading

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It WAS a tough nut to crack …

… but I did it!! Today I reached my goal of 1,242 miles/2,000 kilometers walked in 2019! I’m excited, especially since the weather wreaked havoc with my walking regimen multiple times this year. Our Winter lingered into Spring, then Winter … Continue reading

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Please do not leave me behind in the dust!

Since we continue creeping toward year end, and, while I was hoping to bulk up some walking miles, I headed to historical Heritage Park the weekend before last. Yep, I had my ducks in a row as I had high … Continue reading

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Purposeful strides.

Look at this Canada Goose go!  You’d think he had a walking goal with all those purposeful goose steps he’s taking.  He was pretty funny to watch while he was stomping along and it reminded me of being a kid … Continue reading

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The year 2018, like this snowman …

… is going, going, gone! This snowman is smiling.  That’s because he didn’t know his fate once photographer Jill Wellington snapped this picture and he dissolved into the hot chocolate – ouch! But his marshmallow face mirrors mine, because I’m … Continue reading

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