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Friday Frivolity: Parenting Faux Pas.

I believe I’ve witnessed a few parenting faux pas and I want to write about them in this forum. Ahem – I should probably make the disclaimer here that I’ve never been a parent. Well, I’ve been a pet parent … Continue reading

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The Rain, the Park and…

… Wild Wings, er … Other Things. In between the intermittent bursts of sunshine and raindrops, I have managed to get my steps in, and take some photos as well.  Woo hoo, considering  how most mornings are about as gray … Continue reading

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March madness and gladness.

The month of March leaves you scratchin’ your head sometimes.  It makes its debut, either lamb-like or lion-like, and it’s anyone’s guess how March will exit – sometimes it doesn’t exit quickly enough!   Here in Southeast Michigan, it could be … Continue reading

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Shiver on the River.

Well, I wish I could say I coined this title, but “Shiver on the River” is an annual event held the first Saturday in February here in Southeast Michigan.  Its purpose is to lure people to the Detroit River to … Continue reading

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A little Friday frivolity.

TGIF!  For many of us, since Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, we will enjoy a four-day holiday.  Sadly, our time off will pass far too quickly! Over the past few weeks, I’ve collected some photos and stories and … Continue reading

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Gulls just wanna have fun …

… even when they lose an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  Grrr!  It wasn’t so much the loss of sleep for me, but, it seems like the day kind of just slips away from you, even losing … Continue reading

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