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Meandering at the marsh on a sunny Saturday.

“Best get while the gettin’s good!”  You know those wise words – you’ve likely heard that advice before.  Well, finally – five weeks after I originally intended to get out to Lake Erie Metropark – I finally made it.  The … Continue reading

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Saturday morning meanderings.

This morning I decided to expand my horizons a little and try a different venue. I know the nature lovers out there are saying “well, this doesn’t look like Linda’s usual shtick” … but don’t let the appearance of this … Continue reading

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Owl be seeing you …

… or maybe not. Well, I was bound and determined to drive all the way out to Pointe Mouillee in South Rockwood, just because I wanted to see that beautiful snowy owl.  Its images around this marshy region were captured … Continue reading

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Marsh Madness.

Of course, at first glance, you thought why is Linda writing about the college hoops frenzy known as “March Madness” … I sure do wish it was the month of March instead of just sliding into the tail end of … Continue reading

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